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TOPIC: 10 simple steps to craft a catchy essay hook

10 simple steps to craft a catchy essay hook 3 weeks 7 hours ago #430648

You might have come across a post or an article you didn’t plan to search for, but still wound up clicking on it. You might be wondering why you got so absorbed by it. Yes, you were hooked in the moment when the first sentence of the essay grasped your attention and you were compelled to read the whole essay.

If you are interested in learning the tips and tricks to catch the attention of readers, then this blog will help you have a deeper understanding. Please continue reading because this guide will elaborate what you need to know.

A hook is defined as an object or idea that grabs someone’s attention. It can be any way or procedure such as a dramatic explanation of a graphical representation. It must have compatibility as well as flexibility. In other ways, it also helps to enhance your point of view. When I write my essay, I always make sure to include a hook.

Hooks in essays usually don't have any limitations. Usually, the whole essay depends upon the hook itself. For instance, a poem or a line might not prove to be an appropriate hook for an expository essay. However, a joke has very few chances for making a suitable hook for a persuasive essay for a topic. 

But it needs to be kept in mind that hooks are not a substitute for an introduction. It can enhance the introduction but can never replace it. It provides an appropriate way to begin writing your essay. Following is the standard way to introduce a hook statement.

A hook + Description of Topic + Thesis Statement 

Additionally, hooks present unintentional components or patterns for enhanced ideas. A hook is a concept made to help enhance the themes that follow. Start with the simplest and basic concept. After that, step towards a complex way. In the end, you must have compound complex ways for the reader. But these are so enriched in wording, so people can grasp as well as enjoy it.

Examine the essay in a careful manner

 You should carefully examine the keywords. You need to use a dictionary to look for the dictionary meaning of the words not familiar to you. As an essay writer, you need to highlight the task words to identify what is required to be done. Like explain, compare and discuss. 

You need to finalize the research background or necessary readings

You need to write all the notes in your own words. You need to use relevant sources which are easily accessible. You need to write all the quotes which might be relevant but you should make sure that the source of quotation is properly cited.

Brainstorm the ideas

You should write down all the relevant points. You can make use of a mind map to help stimulate critical thinking. You can also take notes of quotes or relevant evidence which appear in your mind.

Write a Thesis

You should always avoid a thesis statement which is quite simple. You need to demonstrate that a thorough thought has been followed. The thesis statement is the most important component of an essay, therefore, it needs to be incorporated various times to prove its significance. Writing a thesis statement could be a challenging task, therefore an essay writing service would be of great help to you. But it is not always recommended to consult the services but they can be approached quite often.

Craft a plan for the response

You should always put ideas in a logical way. You need to ensure that all the highlighted points are corresponding to the question posed. You need to make sure where the essay is going if the plan has been written down. You might also include it as a paragraph or section of your essay in which you can visualize what could be objected by someone to what you have presented in the argument.. 

Write the Introduction

 Introduce the thesis, open up the discussion, and engage with the reader, highlight the way questions will be answered or name the text which will be discussed.

Craft the main body of the essay

You need to make sure that every point is a complete new paragraph. You might use phrases or words to make the reader realize how all the paragraphs are interlinked. You can begin each paragraph with a topic sentence which is connected to the thesis statement, which creates a link between the paragraphs and the rest of the essay. 

Construct the conclusion of essay

You should clearly state how you have proven your thesis. You need to look for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Conclusion demonstrates the appropriate way to prove the thesis statement, summarize the main ideas, complete the essay with thought-provoking or interesting facts but they need to be relevant or else consider an essay writer.

Edit the Final Draft

Omit any sections which do not have relevance to the topic. You need to look for grammar, spelling and punctuation. You should also improve expression by changing vocabulary.

Begin to Write a Final Copy

You should present a neat and clean copy and should also add bibliography or footnotes after your conclusion. Make sure to submit the document in a timely manner as a late submission might lead you to score poor grades. If you try to make sure that you are conveying your message in an appropriate manner, you should thoroughly go through the essay before sending it. A good advice would be to ask your friend to proofread your file.
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